My projected Team Canda lineup


Chris Kunitz - Sidney Crosby - Steven Stamkos

John Tavares - Jonathan Toews - Martin St. Louis

Jamie Benn - Ryan Getzlaf - Corey Perry

Patrick Marleau - Patrice Bergeron - Logan Couture

Claude Giroux, Matt Duchene


Duncan Keith - Drew Doughty

P.K. Subban - Shea Weber

Jay Bouwmeester - Alex Pietrangelo

Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Dan Hamhuis


Carey Price

Roberto Luongo

Mike Smith


This is my best guess at projecting the lineup for Team Canada in the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi. These are the players I think Hockey Canada will take, not necessary the ones I want to see there. I’m just a dude who designs things and writes about hockey sometimes. Nobody cares what I think.

Joe Thornton, Patrick Sharp, Jeff Carter, Rick Nash, and Brent Seabrook all have a terrific shot at making this team. Those are the only players I think could be there other than the ones I listed above. I could maybe see one of the Maple Leaf goalies instead of Mike Smith. I’ve got Carey Price starting the tournament, but that doesn’t mean much — the goalies who started the tournament in both 2010 (Martin Brodeur) and 2002 (Curtis Joseph) weren’t playing in the gold medal game.

The depth players are hard to nail down, but with a core of Crosby, Toews, Stamkos, Tavares, Keith, Doughty, and Weber, it’s almost impossible to botch the roster completely. It’s just a matter of where guys fit, and that was my main consideration in choosing certain guys over someone like Thornton.

The final roster will be announced at 8 A.M. Pacific Time on Tuesday.

What the Bobby Ryan story means for NHL access

So the next time you wonder why hockey people are so bland and guarded with their words all the time, remember what happened here. You can bet USA Hockey will never, ever do something like this again. You can bet that players watched Ilya Bryzgalov on 24/7 and decided they didn’t want that to happen to them. You can be rest assured that coaches throughout the league watched Bruce Boudreau’s profanity-laced tirade in another 24/7 and either toned down or kicked the cameras out of the room the way Mike Babcock did this season.

And that doesn’t help anybody. If you’re going to sell your game on giving all-access to people, then give them all access and don’t make any apologies for it.


Tony Gallagher on John Tortorella

On the report that John Tortorella will be named as the next head coach of the Canucks:

Gillis didn’t get into this business to make money or to hang onto his job as long as possible so as to make as much money as possible. He has numerous other ways to go about that. He took the job in Vancouver to win a Stanley Cup, period. And given the Vancouver window may be shutting with the Sedins and many others getting older, this move is entirely consistent with trying to give it one last try at winning.


The Vancouver GM loves the fundamentals that Tortorella brings to the job. After all, the man has won a Stanley Cup and his teams are generally very well prepared for games. And he’s good with young players as evidenced by all those young defencemen he brought along in New York, the question here of course being whether the Canucks have enough young players in the organization for that to matter. But Gillis similarly believes he will be able to help Tortorella play a more upbeat game, the way he did somewhat with Vigneault when he got here and asked to coach to change his emphasis. That succeeded for a short time and this hire is for a short time. They Canucks aren’t looking for a Lindy Ruff-type run here, no matter how long the contract is when it’s announced. And to have landed the job, Tortorella must have promised to give it his best shot to move his style in that direction.

On top of this, the Gallagher/Tortorella dynamic could be fascinating to watch.


"Alain Vigneault Does The Opposite", a story about finding a new process


A despondent Alain Vigneault gazes out over the crashing waves. The seagulls soar overhead, his mind wanders and wonders. 

He meets Rick and Newell in a local cafe. “Where were you?” Rick asks. “I went to the beach,” Alain replies. “Ahh, the beach!”

Alain: “It’s not working, Bones. It just isn’t working.” 

Rick raises an eyebrow: “What is it that isn’t working?”

Alain: “Why did it all turn out like this? I had so much promise. I was personable, I was bright. Oh, maybe not with my line combinations, but I was perceptive. I always knew how to get the Sedins out in the offensive zone. It all became very clear to me sitting out there today…Every decision I’ve ever made as a coach has been wrong. My tenure with the Canucks was the complete opposite of everything I wanted it to be. Every instinct I had in every aspect of coaching - be it who to put on the power play or who to start in goal - it’s all been wrong!”

A waitress comes by, smiling at Alain. “Tunamilt on toast, coleslaw, cup of coffee?” 

Alain: “Yeah…NO! I always have tunamilt on toast! Nothing’s ever worked out for me with tunamilt on toast! I want the complete opposite of tunamilt on toast! Chicken salad! On rye! Untoasted! With a side of potato salad! AND A CUP OF TEA!”

Newell: “Well there’s no telling what can happen from this.”

Rick: “You know, chicken salad isn’t the opposite of tunamilt, but Sharks are the opposite of orcas. That was the problem.”

Alain scoffs: “Good for the Sharks!”

Newell: “Alain, that guy over there with the cigar just looked over here.”

Alain: “So what? What am I going to do?”

Newell: “Maybe you should go talk to him? He looks familiar…”

Alain: “Newell, recently fired NHL coaches who live with their parents don’t approach strange men with cigars.”

Rick: “Here’s your chance to do the opposite. Instead of tunamilt salad and Mike Gillis, chicken salad and new opportunities!”

Alain: “Maybe we should flip a coin?”

Rick: “If every instinct you’ve had is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.”

Alain: “Yes! I used to do nothing but suck my lozenge and regret it for the rest of the day, so now I will do the opposite, and do something!”

Alain approaches the man: “I couldn’t help but notice you were looking over.” 

Man: “I was. You just ordered the same exact lunch as me.”

It was then that Alain realized what he was looking for at the beach. As much as it hurt to be cast aside, he had a sense of renewed hope.

Alain: “My name is Alain. I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.”

Man: “I’m Glen Sather. Hi.”